10 Surprising Ways to Save on Gas and Cut Your Transportation Costs in Half!

Posted on Jan. 06 2023 By: Oneblinc 3 min. read

According to FuelEconomy.Gov, the average American family spends 20% of their income on transportation. It gets worse if we consider the recent gas price hike we’ve had recently, when average prices spiked to a whopping $5.00 per gallon (source: GasBuddy.com).

For those who can’t afford not to use their own vehicles, OneBlinc has selected the best tips to save on gas.  

We’ve tried to make it simple so that you keep your household budget balanced easily.

  1. Check your tires routinely for the recommended manufacturer’s pressure. Low pressure is one of the most common reasons for fuel inefficiency. 
  2. Don’t carry extra weight in your car’s trunk. Take a good look at it and remove everything that is not needed on a regular basis. More weight means more fuel.
  3. Become a price hawk. Did you know you can save more than $5 per tank by finding the best prices around? Regular gas prices vary widely across the country but also within the same city. When your vehicle is running low on fuel, keep tabs on gas prices using tools like GasBuddy or Waze.
  4. Try to plan your trips as often as possible. If you need to buy groceries, why not do so on your way back home?  Shopping during the weekend? List your shopping needs, choose your favorite map tool and check if you can buy everything you need within a reasonable distance
  5. Carpool! Got colleagues who live nearby? Try to go to work together a few times a week. 
  6. Extremely cold weather may slash gas efficiency by a lot. It’s true there is nothing we can do to improve the weather, right? But it’s also true that you may be able to park your vehicle inside closed doors so as to keep temperatures a little bit higher.
  7. Speaking of weather, keeping AC on high all the time when it’s hot may not be a good idea, as they are gas guzzlers. 
  8. Make sure gas authorization holds are not going to overdraft your account and result in unwanted charges. They may be as high as $ 175 in some gas stations.
  9. Always take cash as some gas stations offer discounts for cash payments as they don’t incur credit and debit card merchant fees. 
  10. Drive safely and avoid accelerating too hard as this will cost you extra money in terms of gas.

In conclusion, there are several simple steps that you can take to save on gas and reduce your transportation expenses. By maintaining your tires, reducing the weight in your car, shopping around for the best gas prices, planning your trips, carpooling, keeping your car warm in cold weather, using your AC wisely, avoiding overdraft fees and merchant fees, and driving safely, you can save a significant amount on gas and make your transportation budget go further.

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