5 tips to overcome financial challenges

Posted on Jun. 29 2022 By: Oneblinc 5 min. read

Not everyone can count on a monthly   income that’s enough to cover all bills. In fact, most people face different financial challenges during their lives. Sometimes, the challenge is solved easily, but usually, it can take a long time to find a solution and get back on a good financial footing.

If you wonder how to overcome financial challenges, we are here to help. It is not easy, because income varies. You must plan to stay focused and be prepared for unexpected situations. The next steps can guide you to deal with these problems. 

Write down your expenses

Financial organization is the first step to managing your money the best way. When you know all your fixed monthly bills, you already know how much you have to use from your salary. What is left must be used for good — when we say that, we mean that you don’t have to spend it on superficial stuff, but save it for unexpected expenses.

Most financial challenges happen because people don’t prepare for the unexpected. It is not just because you pay all your bills that you will not need any money for the rest of the month. Usually, when you are not ready, you have a surprise, like a repair at your house that requires full payment. 

Just a few extra expenses can be easily solved, but you may be ready to deal with the difficult part. That is why it is important to write down all your expenses and distribute your money. However, life is not just about work and paying bills, so you have to use amounts to have fun and special moments. They have to be in the same monthly budget spreadsheet.

Create a document and separate your total income and expenses between fixed and variable expenses. In the fixed part, you can put housing, utilities (electricity, gas, cell phone), medical, insurance, debt obligations, transportation, entertainment, and loans. 

In the variable part, you can write pet stuff, groceries, dining out, clothes, and travels. After defining all of these items, put a limit on the budget in order to understand what is left for emergencies. 

Define priorities 

When you have a financial problem and know all the bills you must pay every month, you can define what is a priority. As we said, if you have money left, what is more important: buy something for fun or save it for emergencies? The second option is a priority. 

Priorities can be evaluated between both fixed and variable ones. You just have to analyze the impacts of each one. Usually, the main priority is to pay fixed expenses, especially the ones with fees that can increase the value of the debt. Loans can be an example of that, because if you miss a payment, it can become another challenge to deal with. 

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Even after defining them, you still can use your money for entertainment. One tip is to also prioritize one activity every month. Buying new clothes, visiting a different place, and traveling can respect your budget if you plan correctly. 

Create an emergency fund

When you keep focusing on your budget, it is more likely that you save enough money to pay extra expenses and create an emergency fund. This fund can be used for all unexpected situations, like medical debts, veterinary bills, and vehicle repairs. 

In case you are not saving enough for retirement, the fund can be a solution to keep you in good financial conditions over the years. With small amounts every month, you can save enough to cover your monthly expenses. 

With an emergency fund, you don’t have to worry about taking loans. Even though loans can be a solution, it is better to take them when it is the last option, avoiding fees and installments. 

Use less credit card 

Credit cards can be one of the most complicated financial challenges. After you start using them, it is hard to stop. People usually lose control of their budget when credit cards are used too much without writing down the values of each spending. 

If it is really necessary, credit cards are a lifesaver, but they can drag you down with other expenses. To avoid losing track of this type of expense, it is good to learn more about personal finance

Personal finance is the management of budget, savings, and plannings for the future. By analyzing all monetary resources, you can understand financial risks, try to avoid them, and be prepared for surprises. 

Count with extra help

Many financial challenges are hard to solve with only a salary. That is when loans come in handy. Personal loans, cash advance, auto loans, and other types can help you for different purposes. 

That’s when OneBlinc can swing into action. Our risk analysis algorithm defines your financial profile and your ability to take a loan. In a simple process, you can access the amount you want to overcome your challenges and ease your financial life.

OneBlinc can be the solution to your financial challenges!

With these four tips, you will be able to overcome your financial challenges and have more control over your finances. In case you need extra help, count on OneBlinc! Get to know BlincAdvance and its advantages!


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